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Executing mass operations with jobs

Creation and planning of job bundles

Postponed and planning of periodic jobs


  • Change of application server for launch of jobs

  • Change of user for launch of jobs steps

  • Adding prefix in front of jobs names

  • Mass changes of jobs across the SAP systems and much more…

  • Creation of own job bundles

  • Plan of jobs in bundle at once

  • Two smart possibilities of job bundles planning

  • Useful before the planned SAP system offline maintenance

  • Postponing periodic jobs before shutdown

  • Planning of postponed jobs after maintenance without loss of periodicity

  • Managing accesses to functions of Mass Job Operations according authorization roles

  • Possibility to simple and quick return of changes has been made

  • Logging of all executed activities

Executing of mass operations with jobs in SAP systems

  • Change of jobs priority

  • Change of job status

  • Adding prefix in front of job name

  • Mass jobs deletion

  • Change of user who execute job steps

  • Turning off jobs periodicity

  • Change of application server where a job will be executed

  • All changes are possible to execute in more SAP systems at once

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Creation and planning of job bundles

  • Creation of job bundles with own name and description

  • Modification of existing job bundles

  • Mass planning of all jobs in bundle in the arbitrary SAP system

  • Two ways of job bundles planning according to user’s preferences

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Safe postponing of periodic jobs before planned SAP system offline maintenance and their replanning after end of maintenance

  • Postponing of periodic jobs

  • Replanning of postponed jobs – jobs will not be started immediately after SAP system startup, but in the closest time according to set periodicity

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  • It’s possible to return of jobs changes has been made back quickly and simply

  • Managing of access level to MJO based on authorization roles

  • All of job changes are saved in log and there is possibility to find out their history

  • Errors during jobs changes are recorded in error log

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Mass Job Operations

Application Mass Job Operations has been created by SGEN it, s.r.o. to provide possibilities to SAP systems users which are not included in standard. One of these possibility is mass managing of background jobs. Application MJO is designed for operation in SAP Solution Manager which is central point for SAP landscape operations. MJO offers functions for central mass changes of background jobs. Additionally, for planning pre-created bundles of jobs and for postponing and replaning of all jobs in optional time interval.

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Operations across more systems
Job changes are possible to execute at the same time across various SAP systems

Changes of jobs has been made are saved in log and there is possibility to track their history

Mistakes during  job changes
Any error is recorded to error log

Acceleration of work after offline system maintenance
You do not have to edit and plan periodic jobs again after end of offline maintenance

Mass changes
You do not have to edit each job separately

Mass planning of amount of preconfigured jobs
It is possible to plan amount of preconfigured jobs to the arbitrary SAP system

Saving time and money
Acceleration of work during editing of more jobs and thus it saves time and money

Returning of changes
In case of mistake in job change, you can return changes easily and quickly

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Mass Job Operations is designed for IT managers responsible for managing SAP jobs and administrators to provide multiple jobs changes across SAP systems at the same time. For SAP systems security managers, the MJO provides an overview of historical job operations using log entries.


In case of a proposal to change or extend the functionality of Mass Job Operations, after performing the feasibility analysis, we can fit these modifications into standard functionalities or make these adjustments for a particular customer.
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